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Press reviews for "The Voodoo Sessions"

Blues News Norway

"Beastly rocking blues"

"The previous album, "Latenighters Under A Full Moon", was nothing less than a sensation for all of us who likes exiting blues based music with rock guitars mixed with elements of jazz and latino grooves. Berdon & The Twang Bar Kings is finally back and this time with more heavy electric rocking blues.

The opening number, "Mama Roll Over", is a primal and well functioning blues rocker from the same drawer as Walter Trout and Joe Bonamassa on a good day. With "Some Kind Of Voodoo", we are back in a Dr. John inspired version of Jimi Hendrix on a late night jam. Very acid, with a lot of power and nerve. A cover version of Robin Trower's "Mad House" brings guitar of high class, on level with the man himself. The closing number, "When The Moon Is On The Rise", has some of the same mood as the previous album, sparkling, electric, bluesy, acid guitars with dark vocals full of mystique. This is what music is about. Inspired and exciting songs with a great production." - Johnny Andreassen - Blues News Norway (NO)


"Berdon Kirksaether is a Norwegian composer, guitarist, singer and producer and this four track EP opens with the powerful blues/rocker Mama Roll Over, a steady paced track featuring Kirksaether on guitar & vocals plus Erik Gabrielsen on guitar, Roy Hanssen on drums and Stein Tumert on bass. The atmospheric and lengthy tour-de-force Some Kind Of Voodoo is set to a Bo Diddley beat and features some distorted twangy guitar work and a suitably off key guitar solo. Nice one. A cover of Robin Trower’s number Mad House features plenty of excellent guitar work and effective vocals. Closing track When The Moon Is On The Rise features swirling tremolo guitar effects and eerie vocals which add to the other-worldliness of this number. This is an interesting taster and I look forward to a full album. - Blues Matters (UK)

"The Voodoo Sessions - Live at Down Under from Norwegians Berdon Kirksaether & the Twang Bar Kings is a heady and psychedelic explosion of high-energy, guitar-centric blues-rock. The four tracks on EP shells out nearly twenty minutes of musical genius. The music is indeed magnificent. This furious foursome is composed of three founding members of CIA (guitarist/vocalist Berdon Kirksaether, drummer Roy Hanssen, and bassist Stein Tumert), along with guitarist/vocalist Erik Gabrielsen. “Mama Roll Over” is quick to sweep me off my feet with Kirksaether’s greasy blues riffs and powerful vocals. I love the cool unsettling beat Hanssen sets the mood with on “Some Kind of Voodoo”. This ominous track conjures up images of a midnight stroll through backwoods Louisiana swampland. The opening licks of “Mad House” are my cue to crank the volume up a notch. The band plays this Robin Trower cover wonderfully and unbridled. Hanssen and Tumert keep “When the Moon is on the Rise” on track with a cool bass and drum rhythm while Kirksaether breaks out the gonzo with calculated guitar licks. His voice, laying somewhere in the zone between Bono and Jim Morrison, sounds great on this song. After listening to this EP a multitude of times, I am so ready to hear a full-length studio album. In the meantime, I still have these four songs." - Phillip Smith - Phillycheeze's Rock and Blues Reviews (US)

"...for a sound that brings back memories of early blues/rock with all the power and passion the music came across with in the early days of the British Invasion. Deeply rooted in blues traditions, The Voodoo Sessions Live At Down Under is the work of a band that is totally dedicated to their music and delivering the goods with everything they've got. ....... This one is an absolute must for anyone who is a blues/rocker at heart. You will not be disappointed. The only disappointment here is that the four-song EP is only 20 minutes in length. I've said it before and I will likely say it again..."Set your player to repeat or, at the very least, play it twice." It is well worth it." - Bill Wilson - Reflections In Blue (US)

"Norway's harsh climate clearly favors playing blues. Through the years we have heard many very good bands warm up the everyday club atmosphere in Oslo, Bergen and Trondheim.
The EP by the quartet led by singer and guitarist Berdon Kirksaether was recorded during a live concert, hence the subtitle: "The Voodoo Sessions - Live at Down Under". It captures the raw sound of the band, the meaty chords of two guitars and the rock influenced vocals, building into agressive bluesrock music. The music has its own dramaturgy: intense psycedelic guitar lines heightens the atmosphere, making the temperature rise, and the Robin Trower song "Mad House", takes on Hendrixian overtones." - www.twojblues.com (PL)

"This is one hell of a jam...."
“Some Kind of Voodoo, which is six minutes of psychedelic fun...."
"This song (When The Moon is on the Rise) would have fit in well on any of The Doors’ albums, which is good thing in my book." - Rex and the Bass (US)

BK & The Twang Bar King's live EP "The Voodoo Sessions" was selected as the Featured Artist of the Month (December 2015) for the Mississippi Blues Club (US) publications (print and online). The live EP was awarded a 5 star rating in the review!

"Berdon Kirksaether and The Twang Bar Kings’ Voodoo Sessions – Live at Down Under reflects the band’s limitless boundaries of electrifying guitar works with solid and smooth rhythm transitions that hit home. We highly recommend this recording for the pure listening pleasure of blues-rockers at heart!" - Read more here: Mississippi Blues Club (US)

"...a dangerous and menacing quintet...tight guitar work and a solid rhythm section...Berdon Kirksaether & The Twang Bar Kings has, thanks to this EP, at least another fan."
Jan Hogenberg - BluesMagazine (NL)

"Yes Virginia, there is a blues scene in towns like Trondheim, Bergen and Drammen. These Norwegians have a smoky, mysterious, jammy quality to their sound that somehow some way comes out as Swamp Rock, as if they crawled out of a Louisiana bayou. The Voodoo Sessions: Live At Down Under (Roller Records) came out in November and has singer/songwriter/producer/guitarist Kirksaether leading his crew at the club, Down Under, in Norway. It’s a quick 1-2-3-4 punch of an EP 20 minutes long and it positively smokes!" - Mike Greenblatt - Rant 'n' Roll (US)

"Kirksaether is a Norwegian blues guitar player with soulful vocals and deft digits doing that down and dirty blues thing. This one works best in a darkened room with a fist full of beer and significant other. ....... Then again, why should anyone in Norway have the blues to begin with since that is one of the coolest countries on Earth? Why ask why? Kirksaether got those blues and he got ‘em good, and naturally he sings in perfect English." - Bill Locey - Rock'n Roll Call (US)

"We’re taking course across the Skagerrak for some Norwegian blues rock. And it’s a mighty fine EP from Norwegian blues stalwart Berdon Kirksaether and his delightfully named band, The Twang Bar Kings. As the name implies, this is a live EP, which sees Berdon kicking some serious blues ass in seventies style. You can tell where he is coming from via track three, the sole cover, which is a splendid version of the Robin Trower tune ‘Mad House’. His band – Erik Gabrielsen on guitar and vocal, Roy Hanssen on drums and vocals and Stein Tumert on bass and vocals, lock together in fine style, with the closing tune, ‘When The Moon Is On The Rise’ a song that fans of the style, simply have to hear. - The Rocker (UK)

"Something very unique"! - 5 stars - dt.no (NO)

"Überhaupt werden die Ohren des Hörers durch die gut zwanzig Minuten echt verwöhnt....Wie dem auch sei, die CD ist klasse!... Berdon Kirksaether & The Twang Bar Kings können heavy rocken, die Kompassnadel rotieren lassen und sind phasenweise dann doch auf einem schmeichelnden Weg unterwegs........"Some Kind Of Voodoo" ist ein langsamer Track, der das Spinnennetz der Mystik voll zur Entfaltung bringt. Highlight!...Bei der gebotenen Klasse an ausgewogener Psychedelic und Mystik darf man sich nur wünschen, dass "The Voodoo Sessions (Live At Down Under)" zukünftig nicht das letzte Lebenszeichen von Berdon Kirksaether & The Twang Bar Kings, in diesem Fall alias CIA, bleibt. Die EP ist sehr zu empfehlen." - Joachim 'Joe' Brookes - rocktimes.de (DE)

"... it's got bite! Opening with Mama Roll Over, Berdon Kirksaether on guitar and vocal, sets a solid pace with swagger and sting. Joined by Erik Gabrielsen on guitar and vocal, Roy Hanssen on drums and vocals and Stein Tumert on bass and vocals, these guys mean business. .... A solid tom tom beat by Hanssen sets the pace and nicely accented guitar tweaks reinforce the Voodoo effect. Very cool! Robin Trower's, Mad House, is a great rocker with definite Hendrix/Trower looseness and rip. Super! Wrapping the release is When The Moon Is On The Rise, is a cool understated rocker that builds as it goes. Obtuse guitar riffs and light/tight drumming carries this track. With traces of Led Zep and tons of guitar effect, this is a real cool closer for a super EP." - bmansbluesreport (US)

"These four songs offer a potent blend of blues rock (and sometimes southern rock) deeply influenced by Johnny Winter and Led Zeppelin flanked by a pair of beautiful songs full of dark, swampy, almost psychedelic atmosphere." - Fabrizio Poggi (IT)

"Berdon Kirksaether and his band knows how to surprise his fans. We looking already forward for a full-length release. En die varieert tussen het onbegrensde en geëlektrificeerde openingsnummer ‘Mama Roll Over’, het Mississippi begeesterde en swampachtige ’Some Kind Of Voodoo’, de opwindende bluesrock tunes van ‘Mad House’ en de fantasierijke twang-gitaren in het nummer ‘When The Moon Is On The Rise’. 
Berdon Kirksaether weet ons dus alweer te verrassen. We kijken dan ook vol verwachting uit naar een full-lenght release." - Philip Verhaege, Keys & Chords (NL)

"... Along with the gentlemen of The Twang Bar Kings he now brings a delicious live EP. On the album we find four songs with music we can best describe as firmly rocking swamp blues music. We hear wonderful guitars and the persuasive and powerful vocals of Berdon" - Rudolfs Music (NL)

"Berdon Kirksaether & TheTwang Bar Kings go with this EP clearly back to their CIA roots, with which they already achieved considerable success in the 90s. In their well-known style,...., they bring successively "Mama Roll Over" and "Some Kind Of Voodoo", two bluesy and hypnotic songs, the blues rocker (style Cream) "Mad House" and the ethereal closing number "When The Moon Is On The Rise." Eric Schuurmans - Rootstime.be (BE)

"Leading off is the pounding, lusty, “Mama Roll Over, I need your love tonight!”  Capturing the feel of vintage SRV and Double Trouble is the freight-train chug of the evils of today’s society, the “web of lies” that makes up a “Mad House.”  The set closes with the story of the consequences of the aforementioned mad house, where “a change is gonna come “When The Moon Is On The Rise.” For us, the centerpiece was the cut the title is based upon.  Set over a modified Diddley beat, the tremolo and echo-effect guitars add to the swampy vibe of those “spooky fingers” and “something strange in the air,” “Some Kind Of Voodoo.” Berdon Kirksaether And The Twang Bar Kings continue to think outside the box when it comes to their interpretations of the blues.  “The Voodoo Sessions” continues in that vein, and all us blues fans are the real winners!  Happy New Year, everyone!"  Sheryl and Don Crow - donandsherylsbluesblog (US)

"Berdon Kirksaether’s follow-up to the critically acclaimed ‘Latenighters Under A Full Moon’ is yet another fine set that is fuelled by shimmering jazz-inflected twangy guitar and “mystical” vocals. The four tracks on this set range from the Hendrix inspired twangy/grungy guitar of ‘Mad House’ to the haunting vocals and grumbling, buzzing guitar that fuels ‘Mama Roll Over’.  The other two tracks have a distinct New Orleans/Dr John feel – especially to the vocals – with ‘Some Kind Of Voodoo’ riding a quirky Bo Diddley styled rhythm and ‘When The Moon Is On The Rise’, with it’s shimmering guitar having a distinctive ‘Gris-Gris’ feel. One to look out for! - Mick Rainsford Blues In Britain (UK)

"These four tracks demonstrate the band's potential ... this is original music that reveals a creative guitarist with impeccable technique!" - Jean-Claude Mondo - MusicZine (BE)

"‘Some Kind Of Voodoo’ captures the sound of early 70s blues-rock to a tee, and there are strong tinges of Jimi Hendrix on the playing and arrangement of ‘Mad House’ so if your interest is piqued, do try to check this CD out." - Norman Darwen - The Toronto Blues Society (CA)

"Excellent mid-term exam, waiting for additional originals." - Michele Manzotti - Il Popolo Del Blues (IT)

"...a stellar four-song set..." - Graham Clarke - Blues Bytes (US)

Berdon Kirksaether & The TBK on radio around the world

The Voodoo Sessions album has started to receive a lot of air play on radio stations all over the world recently, especially in the US, England, France, Holland, Italy, Denmark, Belgium and Germany. For an impression see the listings on BK & TBK's FaceBook Page

On national radio in Norway with the song "Mad House" in "BluesAsylet" by Knut Reiersrud & Knut Borge (NRK P2), Feb 20, 2016.


Press reviews for
"Latenighters Under A Full Moon"

Blues News (Norway)

"This album is about blues guitar, about jazzy blues and about r&b with exotic Latino and soul-jazz grooves. 
An exciting, lyrical and beautiful album, played in a relaxing manner, and with a feeling at times like a journey through three-dimensional “pictures” " Read the full review here
Johnny Andreassen - www.bluesnews.no (NO)

All About Jazz (USA)

"Norwegian blues? Why not? Guitarist and composer Berdon Kirksaether has made a cottage industry of it at home, first as part of the locally renowned CIA and now as leader of the trio, the Twang Bar Kings. The elaborately titled Latenighters Under a Full Moon turns out to be quite apropos in its conception.

This eleven-selection disc plays like a noir suite made up of moody and tense mini-suites. Kirksaether can seamlessly adopt any guitar personae or combinations thereof he wishes. "Conrad's Bar Bounty" could have been conceived and executed during a jam session between Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown and Kenny Burrell. "Rendezvous" could easily be Jim Hall covering a Jimmy Buffett song while "Midnight Haze" would have been welcome on any Santana recording.

A blues musician? Certainly, but that is not all of the tricks in Kirksaether's talent bag. On Latenighters, he achieves the near impossible by achieving so many disparate moods in seemingly seamless songs bound by little more than a harmonic spider web. Each piece flows gently into the next making the whole of this recording greater than the simple sum of its parts."
C. Michael Bailey - All About Jazz (US) - Read the full review here

Sydney Morning Herald (Australia)

Samuel J. Fell - Sydney Morning Herald

Blues Matters (England)

"This turned out to be a journey of discovery on my part. I’ve worked in Norway and was aware of their love of Jazz and Blues, but I genuinely had no idea that they could produce this quality. ..... This exquisite mix of jazz, blues with a hint of R&B, is guitar playing of the highest order. It will not appeal to the mainstream in the sense that Berdon and his fellow troubadours are not too well known on this side of the North Sea! However, if this got some real exposure they would be, and readers of this magazine know their stuff so there’s a chance. If I were to be coerced into choosing a favourite track it would be track seven, Another One Going Down presuming that it refers to another grossly expensive Norwegian drink, as well as excellent guitar work from Kirksaether. Skol as they say in Norway."

LaHoraDelBlues (Spain)

It is a totally instrumental album where voice has no place, Berdon suggests us a varied and diverse trip through the different faces of blues and jazz. He also gives to every song an imaginative groove and some daring varied arrangements in terms of design and development. Instrumental blues is not for all tastes, especially because the blues is not mainly an instrumental style on itself but a kind of music where the voice is the principal virtue and form of expression. This is why my suggestion is that, before you listen and enjoy this album, you should sit comfortably, close your eyes and let your imagination run to unexpected places.
Vicente Zúmel (International Recipient of the 2013 Keepin The Blues Alive award)
LaHoraDelBlues (Spain) - Read the review here

Reflections In Blue (USA)

"Totally instrumental albums are hard to pull off well, no matter who or just how good you are but The Twang Bar Kings have pulled it off nicely. A blend of blues, jazz soul and, I may just remember seeing the kitchen sink in there somewhere, this is another fine example of how the blues has spread worldwide and is pretty much the universal language.

“Cool Cats on the Move” has an almost haunting quality about it. Jumping down to track four, “Rendezvous”, we have a piece reminiscent of Eric Clapton. It is the diversity of Latenighters Under a Full Moon that makes it such a delightful piece to listen to. Quite frankly, few can do this sort of album without slipping into repetition, even boredom. This recording weaves a tapestry of many colors and the listeners are taken on a journey of the imagination. Where you end up is very much dependent on you. Any way you slice it, Berdon Kirksaether & the Twang Bar Kings are superb musicians one and all."
Bill Wilson - Reflections in Blue (US)

Blues.gr (Greece)

"I tend to see any song as an open canvas, where I can draw from a lot of various styles and influences. I feel that anything goes as long as it excites me to begin with."
Interview with Berdon on blues.gr. Read the full interview here

don and sheryl's bluesblog (USA)

"Taken as a whole, the set follows the band on a mythical night on the town, from the band warm-ups to last call for alcohol.  But, broken down into the sum of its parts, one finds quite a collection of blues, jazz, and even a nod to Sixties’ psychedelia.

Up first is an excellent instrumental warm-up, “Go Cat Go,” with clever trade-offs between Berdon’s leads and the B-3.  “Cool Cats On The Move” leans into that psychedelia, and is revisted later in the set on a blistering  tribute to Hendrix, “Midnight Haze.”  Perhaps the set’s most unusual cut is “Take It Away–Takeaway,” which has Berdon dropping some mellow lead lines over a positively avant-garde sax!

Our favorites all had blues undertones.  “Conrad’s Bar Bounty” swings with the enthusiasm of Gatemouth Brown, while the guitar work in “Jumping The Night Away” is more of a single-note, staccato style along the lines of the Iceman, Albert Collins.  “Walk And Your Feet Will Follow” is augmented by some fine acoustic piano, and the set closes with the title cut, a cool, “After Hours”-ish jam.

It’s no wonder these guys are held in such high regard in their homeland.  Berdon Kirksaether is a master of many guitar stylings, and he and the Twang Bar Kings show everybody what they’ve got on this too-cool-for-school set, “Latenighters Under A Full Moon.”"
Sheryl and Don Crow (US)

Barrelhouse Blues (USA)

Ok folks, let's get this out of the way...this "Blues" CD is all instrumental. It contains no vocals whatsoever. In addition, it doesn't follow the typical Blues formula of I, IV, V, chord changes and standard marching, shuffle and slow Blues rhythms. Having said that, it is a totally refreshing and stimulating listening experience because of those very distinctions.
If I had to describe it, the music is Bluesy, jazzy, swinging, atmospheric, latino, and spacey - not all at once of course, but throughout the CD.
With an open mind, you'll find yourself experiencing and enjoying these various sonic and rhythmic excursions. Very tasty indeed. I even hear a bit of Miles Davis in there at times.
So - to sum it up, if you are tired of the "same old Blues," and are seeking something to freshen up your playlist, we'd recommend giving this CD a spin, or two, or more...enjoy.
Barrelhouse Blues (US)

Mississippi Blues Club (USA)

Photo: A great review ( 5 stars :-) ) of the 'Latenighters Under A Full Moon' album by BK & The Twang Bar Kings by the Mississippi Blues Club (US)  'A collection of instrumentals uniquely performed with a jazzy blues tone feel that inspires, relaxs, and transcends into an extraordinary listening experience.' Mississippi Blues Club.  http://mississippibluesclub.com/?p=4827
"A collection of instrumentals uniquely performed with a jazzy blues tone feel that inspires, relaxs, and transcends into an extraordinary listening experience."
Mississippi Blues Club. http://mississippibluesclub.com/?p=4827 (US)

MidwestRecord.com (USA)

"BERDON KIRKSAETHER & the Twang Bar Kings/Latenighters Under a Full Moon: A first class after hours instrumental record of jamming that does somewhere instead of just meandering, you can't be a blues hipster without a copy of this somewhere near your player of choice. Smoky, well done stuff that was made to fulfill your late night fantasies."
Midwest Record Entertainment (US)

Blues News (Germany)

"Mit „Conrad’s Bar Bounty“ einen prima Blues mit Hammond und auch beim stimmungsvollen „Rendezvous“ geht der Daumen durchaus nach oben."
bluesnews.de (DE)

Blues News (New Zealand)

"Conrad's Bar Bounty" swings along beautifully, with guitar and B3 swapping melodic leads. "Rendezvous" slips into a Latin groove with spare melodic lead lines. Kirksaether is very tasteful.....Over all, this is an imaginative album, with some very fine musicianship and arrangements." - Read the full review here
Mike Garner - Blues News New Zealand - www.blues.co.nz

Blues News (Finland)

We are sorry, we are still searching for someone who can do a proper translation of the review in Blues News Finland...

mwe3.com (USA)

"Sounding as if he's channeling the spirit of Roy Buchanan, Danny Gatton and Jimi Hendrix rolled into one, the 11 track album, credited to Berdon Kirksaether & The Twang Bar Kings, is an all instrumental feast of jazz/blues packed with some nice surprises. Backed up by the Twang Bar Kings, including Olaf Olsen (drums) and Stein Tumert (bass) (along with range of guest musicians), Berdon Kirksaether really swings the blues for instrumental rock. Fans of Freddie King, Ry Cooder, late 1960’s Fleetwood Mac and even Booker T. & The MG's will enjoy the soulful, bluesy guitar instrumental sounds of Latenighters Under A Full Moon" - Read the full review here
Robert Silverstein - mwe3.com (US)

Rootstime (Belgium)

"...you soon lean back with a relaxed club feeling" - Read the full story
rootstime.be (BE)

BMansBluesReport (USA)

"I just received the newest release, Latenighters Under A Full Moon, from Berdon Kirksaether and it's really quite interesting." Read the full review here:
http://www.bmansbluesreport.com/2014/08/roller-records-artist-berdon.html (US)

Pipeline Magazine (England)

Guitarist Berdon is a veteran of the Norwegian blues scene, but here he has a blues based all-instrumental set aimed at recreating the feel of a bunch of guys getting ready for and enjoying a Saturday night out, ending with just three able to walk home under the full moon of the title. With blues-rock, straight blues, jazzy or Latin flavoured grooves, he has made a satisfying and evocative CD on which the guest Leo Volskiy’s Hammond B-3 trades licks with Berdon’s smooth lead playing, or insistent drumming off-sets some hard-hitting guitar work. ‘Another One Going Down’ nicely evokes that sense of effort to have “just one more then”......! Expect to hear echoes of Freddie King, Steve Cropper, Grant Green, and vintage Peter Green – Berdon can certainly play!
Norman Darwen - http://www.pipelinemag.co.uk/

Blues Blast Magazine (USA)

"Latenighters Under A Full Moon is a brave piece of music.  An all-instrumental concept album. “Cool Cats On The Move” features nicely atmospheric, echoed arpeggio guitar lines that give the song the feel of a film soundtrack. Jump numbers such as “Conrad’s Bar Bounty” and “Jumping The Night Away” add a welcome shot of the blues to an album that touches on jazz, blues, rock and even Latin music over the course of 11 songs... There is a lot to enjoy on Latenighters.  It is clear the musicians are really enjoying themselves and there is some high quality playing."
Blues Blast Magazine (US)

SoundGuardian (Croatia)

"Berdon Kirksaether & The Twang Bar Kings deserve unqualified praise regarding form and originality presented on Latenighters Under a Full Moon. I do not want to recommend any single song, because it is necessary to listen to the album in its entirety...When you do that, it will create a set of images in your head... So go ahead, guys, time works for you!"
Mladen Loncar - Mike - SoundGuardian.com (Croatia)

Cashbox Music Reviews (USA)

"Their music may not be as gritty as many blues purists might favor but its smooth and melodic quality, propelled by Kirksaether’s guitar play, explores the light side of the blues...... The album is an instrumental smorgasbord of tempos, textures and styles..... Latenighters Under A Full Moon is more laid back and relaxing than it is energetic. Still, it explores the blues from a different perspective and no matter what the country or orientation, good blues is still good blues."
David Bowling - Cashbox - Read the full review here

Berdon Kirksaether & The Twang Bar Kings on Norwegian radio

On national radio in the program "Bluesasylet" on NRK P2 led by Knut Reiersrud

Berdon Kirksaether & The TBK on radio around the world

The Latenighters Under A Full Moon album has been played numerous times (too many to count now!) on radio stations all over the world in 2014. For an impression see the listings on FaceBook - Berdon Kirksaether FB

Press reviews for "Blues"

"Thrill and groovesome CD that'll come over you, hard." - Bluestrain FM (NL)
"RECOMENDADO" - Jasa & Blues (ES)
"...eine solide Scheibe (...a solid album)" - Bluesnews.de (DE)
"A Rocking Affair" - mwe3.com (US)
"Great blues feeling, impressive guitar playing" - dt.no (NO)
"Let yourself be surprised by this Norwegian" - bluesmagazine.nl (NL)