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CIA is a Norwegian blues/r&b band, formed in 1989. The band members paid their dues criss-crossing Norway with various blues related acts before joining forces in CIA. Since the beginning the band has toured extensively in Norway, building up an audience. CIA released their first album "Ah Yeah" in October 1993. This was also RR's first record.

The band usually records original songs, mainly composed by Berdon Kirksaether and Jonny Aasgaard. CIA has performed all across Norway, including concerts at northern Europe's biggest blues festival, Notodden Blues Festival.

Left to right: Berdon Kirksaether, Per Eriksen, Stein Tumert, Johny Aasgaard


"CIA is a very well performing band that surely can compete with their American brothers musically, and they write good songs too!"
Arne Svingen - Arbeiderbladet

"Ah Yeah is a damn good record, be sure you bring it to your next party! The band succeeds in bringing different elements of blues music together."
Geir Hovig - Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK)

"I am impressed with their economical style and the diversity of their songs. Laidback, elegant and very promising. Apart from that, ah yeah, may be the album cover of the year."
Fredrik Wandrup - Dagbladet

"CIA obviously have a true and genuine feeling for the music that they perform. Their music come straight from the heart, and they play with passion and style."
Sigbjoern Nedland - Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK)


Per Eriksen - Drums
Stein Tumert - Bass
Berdon Kirksaether - Leadvocal, Guitar
Johny Aasgaard - Vocals, Guitar

CIA Albums

ah yeah cover
"Ah Yeah" - released November1993


"Sometimes It's Wrong" - released June 1996

Lineup on Sometimes It's Wrong

Per Eriksen - Percussion
Eivind Kløverød - Drums, Percussion
Mikkel Schille - Keyboards
Loren Fagen - Bass
Berdon Kirksaether - Leadvocal, Guitar
Johny Aasgaard - Vocals, Guitar