SUNHILL is a Norwegian videoartist, photographer, composer, keyboard player and music producer.

SUNHILL grew up outside Oslo, Norway with a father that was a musician. His father also had a music store specializing in keyboard. When he was five he got to try his father's Hammond B3 organ and was blown away by the sound. Later he discovered Manfred Mann, Jean Michel Jarre, Vangelis, Yes, Genesis and Supertramp. Being inspired by these musicians and bands he started playing synthesizers in his early teens. He remembers growing up with Korg Poly 800, Kawai K4, Korg 61 and many more. Also at that time he started playing around with homerecording and created his first songs, "Night Runner" released on Roller Records is one of them. Enjoy the song, we expect to release more of this exiting material.

SUNHILL brings you electronic music from deep inside the Scandinavian forests and mountains. Sun and Moon. Winter and Summer. Day and Night. Sea and Mountains.


"After Touch" - Released March 2021


"Put of Reality" - Released August 2020


"Night Runner" - Released June 27th, 2020


"Mysterier i Nattent" - released March 2018

SUNHILL - Keyboards

The songs on Mysterier i Natten are composed by SUNHILL

"Night Runner", "Mysterier i Natten" and "Out of Reality" was recorded at SUNHILL studio, Norway. Mastered by Conrad B Larsen at NBNW Studio Hamburg, Germany.