SUNHILL is a Norwegian videoartist, photographer, composer, keyboard player and music producer.

SUNHILL was born in 1971 and grow up in Mjøndalen, Norway where he was raised with Hammond B3s and synthezisers. He began sequencing on Atari computers at the age of 14. Thereafter he has had hia hands on most commercial available keyboards at his fathers music store.

SUNHILL brings you electronic music from deep inside the Scandinavian forests and mountains. Sun and Moon. Winter and Summer. Day and Night. Sea and Mountains.




"Mysterier i Nattent" - released March 2018

SUNHILL - Keyboards

The songs on Mysterier i Natten are composed by SUNHILL

Mysterier i Natten was recorded at SUNHILL studio, Norway. Mastered by Conrad B Larsen at NBNW Studio Hamburg, Germany.