Gjermund & Berdon

"En reise i Cornelis Vreeswijks forunderlige verden"

Gjermund & Berdon's travel in the world of Cornelis Vreeswijkj is a special project initiated and driven by Gjermund Andresen and Berdon Kirksaether from Vestfossen, Norway.


"Visan i vinden" is a great recording. Gjermund has a great voice and presence fitting well into the role as a travelling musician/vagabond. He gives new life to some of Cornelis well known Swedish songs. The addition of Berdon's guitar with a bit of a blues feeling does the project good. A varied and personal recording well worth aquiring.
Johnny Andreassen - Drammens Tidene


Gjermund Andresen - Vocals, Guitar, Accordion, Mandolin, Percussion, Harmonica
Berdon Kirksaether - Guitar, Mandolin, Harmonica, Bass, Backup vocals

Additional musicians:
Erik Gabrielsen - Bass
Snorre Smørgrav - Drums, Percussion
Olaf Olsen - Drums, Percussion, Organ, Lapsteel, Bass
Franz Mikkelsen - Drums, Piano

Gjermund & Berdon albums

"Perfect Time Killer / Emigration" - Released January 2015


emigration cover
"Emigration" - Released Aug 2009


visan i vinden cover
"Visan i vinden" - Released July 2008